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Today marks my one year of moving on my own. It was hard at the beginning, but I kept reminding myself that it was the right decision, that I deserved to be loved and respected, that I owed it to myself to be strong and look out for myself, that I needed to show my children that walking away from an emotional abusive relationship is the right thing to do, that I have to go back to my values and morals to feel like myself again, and that leaving was the only choice to put my dignity over my sham marriage. My children were finally old enough to understand and forgive me. Today, I feel content, I have a peace of mind and clarity that I have not had in years, I feel grateful for recognizing the abuse signs, I am proud of my decision to keep the family together until the youngest finished high school and I finally forgave myself for my mistakes and bad decisions. I believe I did my best to make my marriage work and put up with more than I should have, but I know now that nobody and no amount of love and devotion can/will fix a broken sick person. I am so grateful to have amazing children! Happy Anniversary to me!

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