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I have a 7 year old that is my world. I have a friend that after years of abuse finally got away from her husband, only to get into another relationship with a married man that treats her like a side chick and why? Because she is the side chick. He would upset my friend so bad that she would cry, have panic attacks because of not being able to see him and even making her so sick she would throw up. She lost weight, she had black rings around her eyes and she wasn't taking care of herself. Her new man finally left his wife and went to stay with his mom. He started calling her alot and doing what he told her he would do. Next he got to where he was always at his wife's house until 11-12 at night supposedly visiting a 4 year old and a 6 year old. His calls are getting less and his texts are getting less. The other night he told her he was fixing to walk into his mom's and he would loose service. She took my advice and did a drive by to see if he was really at his mom's or at his wife's. He was at his wife's. She let him know he was caught and now he is trying to get her back. This piece of crap has turned My friend into someone I don't recognize anymore. She use to never drink, now she does to numb the pain, she doesn't want to go home with her kids because she is alone after they go to sleep. When he comes down it's after 10 at night(which I told her she is a booty call and he needs somewhere to sleep.) My little girl has seen her walk through the door sobbing over this piece of crap that wants to play mind games with her. She has seen her sobbing so hard that she makes herself sick. She has overheard conversations that she shouldn't hear. I love my daughter and I want to keep things like this away from her, so today I told my friend that if she takes him back I can't be her friend. I love her and I have stuck by her for so many years of abuse from her soon to be ex husband just for her to hook up with another narcissist. Is it bad that I don't want this around my daughter? She is my best friend and I love her, but the love for my daughter is my world, the very reason I breathe. I don't know what to do.

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Put your daughter first...

That so called best friend needs to get a freaking grip the guy is obviously trying to work things out with his wife the friend needs to grow up and get a life if she has kids she needs to start putting her kid if she has kids she needs to start putting her kids first and go to some damn counseling and stay away from mend for a while

Stick by what you told her and put your daughter first she shouldn't be around that kind of crap she definitely doesn't need to see it or hear it