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Need to vent...I know I posted a while ago talking about how I'm getting frustrated that I haven't gotten pregnant. Well I was out and about with my husband yesterday and everyone had a baby. Like its baby season. Everyone is pregnant or just had a baby. Anyways...now mind you my baby clock has been ticking like crazy and I'm getting upset because I still haven't gotten pregnant. Like I'm so ready to have a child. I been around children my whole...bascially raised my two sisters. My sister got pregnant early and I helped her raise him until she got back on her feet and found someone. Baby-sat for families and friends all the time. It's just i know I'm ready. And here my husband goes, looks at me and says I'm having baby fever bad. Now mind you we been trying since day one. And we tried all sorts of different ways...the tricks and all. But nothin has happened. But I seriously looked at him and said umm we aren't Mary and Joseph. Gotta have sex on a regular basis. He's like we do...and no we don't. We fell off that ride awhile ago. It's like literally once every few weeks. It's bad. But like idk I'm just getting mad wit my body. Idk what to do....idk if it's ever gonna happen. I mean I know I talked about adoption but I wanna experience it all. Just having an emotional night....

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