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Hi I'm new here I'm Shannon and I'm a 46 yr old with 2 grown girls.. I've lived a decent life had my issues and suffer from PTSD.. at my lowest point I weight 450 pounds and just didnt realize how bad it was.. married and divorced 2x.. but in about 15 yrs with eating better and working out I've gotten down to 160..I had to do it for me and my kids.. I work in a federal detention center so I move around at work alot start my day with a mile and a smile.. I lost the last 200 in the last 6 yrs and let me tell you the haters come out of everywhere.. having other female officers say you look great but need a better bra.. like wow really.. I would go home and cry in the tub after all the hard work to see my breasts hanging down to my waist band it was a new body image issue..and it was rough..
I didnt give up I continued eating good working out and not only got my beats fixed *lifted I had them reduced to match my new body.. I lost a husband due to his insecurity and I'm better off. I saw people who were long time friends show their true colors.. so if anyone else is on thos type of journey dont give up let the haters fuel your fire.. do it for you because you are amazing!!!

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