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I've been following and trying to participate, I'm still hearing the same crazy stuff. What is a strong woman? I thought you did your best, no taking B S from anyone if possible and I mean life in general. You find someone you like attracted to and see where it goes, as you date you watch and learn , right so far? Then what the hell happened, your crying he's not coming around you blame him for cheating and using drugs ECT. And you this strong woman turns into complaining cry baby. There are things in life that will drop you to your knee and you loose it, that seems normal. A strong woman knows to pick her battles most of the time. Women cheat, lie, drink and use drugs as much as men. A strong woman will persevere, she will get her shit together. She will pray get guidance from God and move on, why. . SHE IS WOMAN, STRONG BEAUTIFUL TIMES GET TUFF BUT YOUR TUFFER, MY GOD WE HAVE BABIES, WHAT MAN CAN DO THAT. THERES ALWAYS A WAY WITHOUT WHINING. 

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