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I have to express my feelings about what took place on Thursday. The day of my beautiful granddaughter’s graduation. I was told that their were not enough tickets to attend her graduation by my daughter so therefore I was not included. However, her grandmother, step grandfather,a Long with my ex all received tickets. At first I wasn’t aware all the others were going since my daughter claimed there were only three tickets available for her, her husband and my other granddaughter. All this seemed normal of course. I thought to myself they are the ones who should be attending. Until I was slammed in the face with all the other family members who attended as I saw it posted on Facebook with pictures of them together. I can tell you I never felt such pain and broken hearted when I realized this. 
When I asked my granddaughter Why? Why didn’t I get to see you graduate. her first reaction was I didn’t think you would want to go because of the weather which by the way was a bit cloudy and yet sunshine off and on. Than my granddaughter proceeds to tell me that she was mad at me because I stressed my concerns about her new boyfriend to her mother. A guy she might have known a whole two weeks. I was worried for her safety and as a grandmother I mentioned this to my daughter and later apologized since I didn’t get a very good response from my daughter concerning my better advice as well. The message I left was strictly out of love and concern and I even added to the end of the text message “from my heart”. 
So I’m asking all of you strong women, Do you think my concerns about who she was dating had merit enough for (My granddaughter, whom by the way, has always been a big part of my life since the day she was born). To un invite me to one of the biggest events in her life for a guy who she only meant and will most likely end the relationship as she has with the few before him. I cried myself to sleep last night and even had thoughts of ending my life. I never ever expected this from my own daughter and granddaughter since I was there for them always and never hesitated to do anything for them both when they needed me. I am truly and sincerely be side my self and don’t know if I can ever recover from the hurt that this has left me with. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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OMG you were concerned about your granddaughters safety.how stinking selfish of her and your daughter..I guess their true colors were exposed. For your daughter to put her foot down and invite you anyway was total bullshit, your ex is the one who shouldn't have been there...please take care of yourself, the world is full of selfish horrible people ..Been there ..

Sending Hugs and Prayers