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Sorry 4 the long write up

We started dating the same year we got to college. 5 years on and off, cheating and disrespecting. Finally he gets this girl pregnant and tells me he stopped loving me. He drifts away because he is a close person and he doesn't know how to open up. I was one of the person he usually tried to open up a little. Not knowing about this pregnant girl and being tired of the relationship and disrespect I decide to move on finally. A year later I discover by a mutual friend that hes bn wanting to contact me but is scared of my reaction. After some times the friend finally pushes him to contact me cuz I told our friend that I wasn't going to do anything I've forgiven and moved on. So he finally contacts me. His first message was an apology message. Then we talk and I find out he has a little girl.when I ask him since I didn't know from him looks like the person went ahead of him and told me. He said he couldn't face the way I was going to be hurt so he had to end everything so I might thing it all happened when we were separated. He is asking me to forgive him that he is so sorry 4 all the wrong and disrespect he caused me and that we were young and he was still exited about life and have learned his lessons. He has bn so devastated since the day he said he stopped loving me cuz that was my real reason 4 going but he is a closed person and doesn't know how to talk about himself. He says he is a changed person and have grown mentally. We are now 27 and 28. This my pb. I have forgiven him and I want to believe him and live my moment but during the no contact I programmed my mind and body to rejecting him. I think I still love him but can't accept him. Maybe cuz I'm afraid he might change again or 4 my self respect. Your opinions pleaaaaasssseee

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