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Once upon a time.there are two people inLovea love that they did not expect. They hold the world and the time.They're just happy,laughing and joking, eating together, go to work together and sleeping together, that they almost do not want to end their time together.They love each other so much, and as long as their love goes deeper, because they are all the same in everything, agree with all they want.
Until oneday everything cHanged, they faced the truth, they faced the realitylost of time,lost bonding, they never talk like before there is no one elses presence,no goodmorning message, no goodnights like before
It's very painful feeling that everything has changed, their world has changed, they have never had their times. The woman's feelings hurt too much
Until one day,the woman has gone.
Because she was hurt, because she loves the man so much, she chose to love the man for others who love her. But afterall she did for the man, the man abandoned herbecause the man chose with his true love, the woman he married.
The woman felt very depressed,always confined herself to the roomshe does not want to work, she did not want to eat, she tried to kill her self a few times. Because of sadness the woman died but until the last breath of the woman she told the man you were the last man i would LOVE.

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