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This group is so inspiring. I don’t post often but I’m on here daily. Many people don’t know how stressed I’ve been over these last few months. My faith has been tested and I’ve been at my breaking point. I haven’t been active in my church like I use to as a matter of fact I haven’t been praying at all. This morning thru the smiles and happiness I portray in front of my family I texted a good friend literally like a sis and expressed to her how I was feeling.. it’s crazy how people don’t know what you’re going thru but you’re on their minds. She informed me that she had lifted me up in prayer this morning and me contacting her was just confirmation that her prayers had been answered. I said all this to say We are loved by people that we might not even expect to care someone has you on their minds someone has lifted you up in prayer Keep the faith my sisters I love you...

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