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A lot of the posts I see here involve an issue with a s/o. I just wanted to let everyone know, if you can't openly communicate with your person, they aren't your person. Any solid relationship is built on communication. If your man pisses you off, let him know what and why it pissed you off. If he does something you don't like or approve of, tell him. DO NOT let shit slide, DO NOT wait to talk about it later, DO NOT bury your feelings. If he loves you, he'll listen and he'll work on changing his behavior. Or maybe it's you that needs to adjust.  Because not every problem is caused by a man, sometimes it's us just being crazy. I know I've been guilty quite a few times and I've had to change myself. Regardless, you have to talk about shit. Even if it's uncomfortable. You ladies need to start standing up for yourselves and drawing lines. Men do not rule relationships. Women do not rule relationships. Relationships are about equality. You're both supposed to be on the same level, same playing field, same team. If you can't be equal to each other, you honestly shouldn't be together. ‍♀️

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Ok so true i agree