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Hi ladies. First time poster. What can i do differently to get taken seriously? For context, in my career and other ventures, no matter what i do to prove myself, i keep getting passed up. Most recently, i joined a local event staffing startup. I moved back to the islands from NYC(so i am coming from big sea to a small pond). I dont know if there is just a disconnect in communication or what, but we got a big event account, and i put my name down to bartend since the beginning of march. Now they release the final list,i am not on it,and they put people that worked the last event in October, after stating that they would use me for the next one.

This is something that happens to me a lot, and i have been pondering for years what i am doing wrong. At my previous jobs i was proven to be among the strongest employees, if not the strongest, regarding work ethics. It is very disheartening when you put yourself out of the way to excel,and you get passed over. I would like to know what you think i should be doing diiferently/what got people to take you seriously.

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