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Hi ladies,
I’m new to the group. Thank you for the add. I need some advice. I have been seeing this guy on and off for three months. We broke up the first time because he wasn’t over his ex, then we were solid for over a month, everything appeared to be great, but he was still talking to his ex everyday and not me. He wasn’t texting or calling me at all during the day and I started to get very upset, so I broke up with him on Friday. Since I’ve been an absolute mess because I’m in love with him. Not eating, depressed, crying my eyes out, sad, heart ache, etc. My aunt suggested that I call him on Tuesday and I did, but he told me he had to think about it. An hour later he texted me and asked if I wanted to see him of course I said yes. We talked a little and apparently he isn’t talking to his ex as much. He claims they’re just friends and nothing more but I feel like what he is doing is a form of cheating and a lot of people I have talked to about it think so. We did get back together and he unblocked me on fb, but we are not friends on fb and his status is still set as single so mine is as well. Even though we got back together, I’ve still been feeling lost, lonely and alone. I’m in love with this guy and I’m trying to hard to make it work. I just don’t know what to do here. I’m hoping things will get better because I see a future with him but his ex will never go away he told me that straight up. If he has to choose, he said he wouldn’t but I know he would choose her because he’s been very protective of her and not me. He’s taken her side over mine and it hurts. If you’ve read this far. Thank you. I just love him so much. I just need some advice please. There are other things too that he has done that are not good also. Everyone keeps telling me I can do better and I feel like I can too, but idk how to get over him. I’m trying to distance myself a little to see if that helps so it’ll make it easier to cut ties eventually. But I also see a future with him as well. Please help!

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You my sweet girl is being Gas lighting. He knows exactly what he is doing.  Regaurdless of anything if he cared he would but your feeling into consideration. Please take my advice .. read up on Gaslighting and you will see things in a different perspective.. this is why you think you love him so much, is he has gained control. Best of luck.. all it takes is a step away.. and you can find happiness again ... Happiness within your self. Don't waste years with the wrong one, when you have a twin flame waiting on you.