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I am new to this group, here is my story of why I believe I'm a strong woman.
I met my husband when I was 20 years old, I fell in love with his strength, kindness, humor and the way he carried himself. 2 years later we welcomed our first child a beautiful little boy, times were tough we had little money but we had food in our cupboard and a roof over our heads so we felt blessed, I fell pregnant when my son was 2 and we were so excited to welcome a new member into our little family we were so excited that at 10 weeks we told all our family and close friends then 2 weeks later I miscarried and my heart broke, this put a strain on my relationship with my husband because I shut myself off, he joined a volunteer fire brigade and all his time went to them.
I decided to go back to work and for around 4 years we just existed same routine wake get my son off to school, do the chores, pick my son up get tea ready for when my husband got home then I would go to work, home, sleep wash repeat.
We saved enough money to purchase our home and I fell pregnant again, I was so excited and scared and I was so careful. 
At 10 weeks I miscarried.
At this stage I was absolutely heart broken I was having a great deal of pain so I was sent to have scans where they found a tumor in my womb, I was admitted to hospital to have the tumor removed.
4 weeks later I was called back into the hospital to be told that the tumor was not cancerous but they did find cancer cells in the lining of my womb, I was immediately put on hormone therapy to stop the lining from growing and every 3 months I had to go into hospital for hormone treatment and painful biopsies.
I was 33, I continued to have treatment for 3 years until I was referred to a top woman's cancer specialist who started me on a new treatment and thankfully the treatment worked for me, I still have to go into hospital for a small procedure every 3 years but At least it is less invasive than the other treatment.
My husband stood beside me all through this.
Fast forward few years and my son and I worked for a large hardware chain, my son was 17 at the time and was friends with a young girl that worked in my team with her mother, they were very close, one night the 49 year-old grandmother of 3 gave my son a ride home from work and threw herself at my 17 year old son, this shocked my son and he told his friend what her mother done, she was so angry that she and her mother quite work and was really nasty to my son, he got really really depressed and in a matter of a few weeks he changed to the point I didn't recognize him, he tried to commit suicide a few weeks later and I've never felt pain like that. He received help and thank the Lord he come out the other side and picked himself back up.
My work was not understanding and the management team started to bully me as I was disgusted with there treatment of my son through all of this, my son quite his job and moved to another job, my managers were still bullying me until I was rushed to hospital going into cardiac arrest, it was a wake up call, my doctor said that I needed to assess what was important in life because the stress I'm under the next time there won't be a warning.
I left my job and took a few months off to concentrate on my life, around this time my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I had to watch the most amazing man I ever known fade away to nothing, my beautiful dad passed away on the 7th December, 3 months ago, and up to the very end my dad's love for us and his faith in God was so inspiring.
If there's one thing I've learned through my journey is you can never give up, when life knocks you down ask the good Lord to give you the strength to get back up, and when you get back up you discover that your stronger than what you were and you have the strength to get through the next chapter that has been written for you.
I don't look at my life and what I've lost, I look at my life and I'm grateful for the blessings that I have, I have 2 beautiful little angels that the lord is watching over for me, I have the most wonderful strong 20 year old son that is doing amazing things in his career and I have a wonderful husband who isn't always perfect but he is perfect to me and I had the most amazing father and roll model for 43 years.
My treatments have caused my bones to deteriorate but I'm still walking, and the Lord has been beside me every step.
Thank you for reading my novel lol
Bless you all, and if any of you ever need a friend to talk to I will be here for you xxxx
The photo is of my husband, my beautiful dad 2 weeks before he passed, me and my beautiful son.

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Very very amazing. Your ggreat.