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Ok maybe I can get some help with this question I’m trying to solve so I can quit racking my brain.
Ok so me and my husband were wanting kids. He is very flexible and he is very understanding if we have a son I want my son to take my dads name. Basically my dads name has ran 3 generations but me and my sister were the only kids he had no sons to take the last name. 
When I married I didn’t want to get rid of my last name, but I added on basically giving me 2 last names. And there are places that will even ask if I want my last name or husbands. And a lot of time when I fill out forms I still put my last name show my id no big deal. The fathers name will be on the birth certificate. So basically I want my son to be Roy Earl Daniel IV. 
Oh and believe me we discussed the daughter side well she is taking my name for sure. One it’s uncommon to do and two Katrina is a name that not heard often in our area or throughout our family history.

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Woow. Congr... I hope take you two kides :)