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 Father Forgive me, From 17 to 35 is too long to steady carry all these burdens! Trying to fix, being stubborn, & living with shame,guilt, & embarrassment has finally took its toll. I pray you watch over & protect my girls from evil & that evil family(not all,but most)! 
That "lil girl" in me that wanted so bad to protect them,break the cycle, & dysfunction has to let go for now.... I finally realize that being a mother is not the only purpose you have for me! It hurts so bad, but I can't let it continue to kill me! I have faith that you will "Renew" me Now & Go before me/ my girls and soon we'll be back together. Give me patience to wait on your timing and faith to believe that you will be my lawyer, strength, and comfort during this time.

In your son's name, Amen

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No, He dont forgive you