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I was dating a man for 6 month and everything was wonderful and we were falling in love with each other. We messaged each other 3 times a day & spent every weekend together planning our future. Due to work hours we mainly only seen each other weekends and he told his mum he really missed me during the week. 2 weeks prior to breaking up we were at a party and I said to him we had been together over 5mths and he replied and we will be together another 5mths and more because I am falling in love with you. I had to leave the party early and friends told me he did not shut up about how happy he was to be with me and couldn't imagine his life without me. 2 weeks later he tells me he has no feelings for me and never has. I was completely devastated by this and our friends and family are shocked. He refuses to speak to me and has blocked me on FB. I need answers as I am a total mess I miss him so much.

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