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My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 almost 6 months now. So it’s still pretty fresh. I have a almost 2 yr old from a previous relationship as well. This is my first relationship since my sons dad. And I haven’t been in the dating scene since 2014. So it’s been awhile. So this is still new to me. I sometimes have the feeling that he’s just not trying to take things is a serious positive direction. And I’m not talking right now, like we should marry and have kids and happily ever after. But I was hoping that someday that could be a possibility for us. He’s made it very clear in the beginning he will never want kids... and that is kind of off putting to me since I already have a child. It took a while for him to really want to make any interaction with my son. But now they seem to be doing well together. But I just have this feeling it’s never going to go anywhere. We see each other once a week sometimes 2. And he ignores me for his friends... he will not text me for hours on end when he’s just at home. But will take the time to text his friends and interact on Facebook but ignore my messages. This has been the same for 6 months now. It’s starting to bother me like this is never going to go anywhere. On another note he is from Wisconsin, and his family is now hours away. He’s told me he wants to move back there one day. But then changes his mind. I’m wondering if that is preventing us from moving forward. There have been little improvements like with him and my son, but other than that I feel like I’m at a standstill. I recently sent him a post about marriage as a cute gesture. Nothing serious... marriage is down the road for me! But he will bluntly tell me he’s never getting married. I’m just starting to questions what’s the point of a relationship is the end sight isn’t family and marriage. The arguing has picked up now since we are on completely separate levels of what we want out of this. And I wonder if he takes this relationship seriously anymore. Is this something he’s doing to past time.

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