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I didnt have a menst. Since early March,I was told because of the spread of the cancer, treatments, and all my other medical issues I may or may not have any unless remission... Well this past Friday that all changed, and it's getting drastically worst not by the day but by the hours..... I began paying attention to how often I was changing a super+ literally every 1-2hours and still not enough I am having to wear a pad and still changed my clothes 5-6times since yesterday morning... My stomach is killing me,I am swelled so bad, I am weak so bad I feel like I have been outside in 100* weather for days I have no appetite,I am tired even more then usual and I feel like as time goes on the worst my head hurts and the weaker I am getting.... 
Before my diagnosis in oct2016, I have been already struggling with PCOS and endometriosis..So I am no stranger to having female troubles but nothing like this.... Does anyone have any advice?Anything I can do to make it lighter? I have been trying to stay in the recliner as much as possible, drinking fluids heavily,and staying off my feet as much as I can.. any other advice ?

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