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Here are some nice examples of females helping females. Let's add our own stories, shall we? What have you done or are doing (besides listening and advicing in here)?

Here is mine:
My ex with whom I have 3 sons (17, 18 and 20 of age) has a "new" girlfriend. She is 22 years younger than him and they are expecting a baby. I believe they are together from wrong reasons ( Not speaking out of jealousy, I just have a front seat and recognize patterns I know), them going for s kid and how they went for it is extremely irresponsible and I believe they are both screwing up their lives (again, not jealousy, just have insight). They have known each other for around a year now, she is due in start of August. He screwed me up severely, both did, when they started out, long story short, I lost a place to live due it, granted they took me in after and my boy and I'm grateful and all but sadly does not change the fact that it didn't had to come to it. Anyhow, enough of that, suffice to say, I'm doing what I can to fix my situation and I'm easy person to live with despite me not being approving of their choices (I told them exactly what I think and reasons for it, but also said it is their life and it will be their consequences to live with, I'm not their parent.) 
They have 0 stuff ready for a child and there is financial issues (we all have them) so last month I took half of my monthly income that was left after paying bills and taking care of my boy and bought them a bunch of starter baby stuff, from clothes to 3 in 1 seat-bed thingy that costed me a fortune and gifted it to them. I plan to get them some more stuff that she will need for the baby this month. 
Can I afford it? No, I really can't. I need to gather money for a place, I have my own kids to take care for, myself, mom, bills, dentist expenses, hoping to go back to scholl and shit... but... I had 0 when stuff when I was expecting my first and I know how shitty, frustrated and sad that made me and what a blessing would be if someone did that for me... so I did it.

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