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We all know that head lice can be a problem especially if you have kids, and most of the time after you've finished treating your child with what head lice shampoo you can find at the local store or even a prescription give to you by a pediatrician you often times find your going back through your child's hair only to discover the treatment didn't work because there are still bugs in your child's hair.

I have been a stay at home mom for most of my life and l have had one more than one occasion through the years had to deal with head lice. A while back ago my child was send home with a note saying she had head lice...oh great l thought l am broke and lice shampoo is not only expensive but doesn't work so what am l going to do.

So l thought what do l have on hand and what do l know about each product: Lysol basically kills any thing from germs to fruit flies to cockroaches 2. Rubbing alcohol dehydrates (swab some over an insect bite, it will relieve the itch as well a dehydrate the poison) and 3 white vinger also a dehydrater. So l combine these 3 things together and applied it to my child's head and then started combing through her hair with a lice comb starting at the nape of her neck and working my way through piece by piece, lock by lock. Spraying each lock l parted with this stuff and combing through it bit by bit until l had treated her entire head...2 hours later l am finished send her of to shower, when she came out I went through her head again, not one bug or not to be found.

So for what it is worth here is what l used 1c. Lysol, 1c. Vinger and 1c. Rubbing alcohol mix it together in a spray bottle and there you have it ladies and lice treatment that actually works!

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