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Would appreciate prayers for my honey. He is doing chemo for the third time in 10 years. Has incuranble non hodgkin's follicular lymphoma. Some days...I just need that little added strength. Thank you Ladies!!

Please have mercy. My husband is such a great husband who takes such great care of me. Please have mercy. He has an unwavering support he gives to me. Please have mercy. His love for me is truly real and pure. Please have mercy. He is a father to our little girl who thinks he is everything..her whole world. Please have mercy. He adores and loves her with all that he is. Please have mercy. We have a big family and the most wonderful friends that we are a part of...please have mercy. He has done this twice before and doesn't want to do it again but he will for us. Please have mercy. He has the greatest laugh and the most amazing hugs...please have mercy. We know this journey will be long and difficult and on those most difficult days...please have mercy. Please hear all the prayers being said for him...he is amazing...my best friend...please have mercy. I don't know why he must carry this burden but he is doing it..over and over again with dignity and grace....please have mercy. God...I love him more than life please give him strength and please have mercy.

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