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As her birthday approaches I do get sad but then I think of the strong soldier that raised me and my four siblings. She went through 18 years of physical and mental abuse at the hands of my father. Then one day Christmas 1995 I was 9 we opened presents before he got home which was 5 am he was out drinking and doing drugs with his gf then spend it with us. Well he got mad and started on her beaned a can of chili at her head and threw his steel toed boots at her all because we opened our presents. 
After witnessing this for the past couple of years I screamed Stop Stop hitting my mother he turns and looks at me draws his fist back and went to hit me. Me and my mother locked eyes and she hit him and ran out the door to call for help. She said you hit me all you want but you will not touch my children. She then ran down the street to a neighbor house and he got her before she could knock my friends grandfather who was going to work ran over and got him off of her. She was able to call 911 and he went to jail. That was the day I never saw my father again till I was 20 years old. My mom became a single mother of five kids and worked her ass off till we lost her in 2006 7 days before her 49th. I don't know why I wrote this sorry if it doesn't make since but I get emotional when it approaches her birthday. 
Ladies if you are going through this get out the I'll never do it again is a lie and I have PTSD because of this and therapy is helping but there are still triggers and I'm 33 now. 
Thank you for allowing me to ramble I love the name of this group because I was Raised by a strong woman I am one and I'm raising one. 

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