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I think this would be the right place to ask this because I really don't understand . I have horrible luck with men they treat me like garage. Please don't tell me it's my fault for allowing them to. I try so hard but there are somethings i refuse to do

I watch other women and am sickened by the way they degrade themselves to get men interested. I refuse to act helpless or stupid to get a man to pay attention. If I am able to do something why would I wait for a man to do it? I am just as capeable as they are.

Also, having lived with a learning difference my entire life, I have fought the stereotype of being dumb for as long as I can remember. I am not stupid and extremely proud of.my accomplishments. I refuse to downplay my above average intelligence to rIse some guys ego.

I know this attitude is the reason I am alone. I won't play the game.

I know physically I am no prize, far from it. I am quite overweight and not feminine. Although under the right conditions.i can be beautiful, in my own way. I just don't believe I should take several hours of the day to look runway ready at all times .

I guess the question is is it my fault I am alone? Should I just give up my values to get a man interested? Or just wait forever for a man to accept me attitude and all?

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