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It's really disappointing seeing so many of you insulting the other women in this group who are coming here as a safe place to ask for advice and unload their troubles. If I was the admin of this group I would have removed a few of you, being downright nasty because another woman isn't sure if she is making the right choices because she's been conditioned to let men treat her badly. It takes courage and strength to open up to people. This is supposed to be a support group, not just a group for bragging about how strong we are. We need each other. Leave the judgements outside or, like your mama said. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. The point of these groups is to bring women together, not compete of judge. If you feel like another woman is being religious and we'll, examine why you believe that and figure out what wound it touches in you so you can heal yourself. That's what makes you a strong woman. Let's give each other the love and support we all need, this village of women protecting each other and helping each other grow!

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