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Good afternoon ladies. I'm in need of some advise or maybe just some support. I was single for 4 years. Took this time to find myself. I met a man late last summer. We hit it off I wasn't looking for it and neither was he. We started getting to know eachother I met his kids after a couple of months. We spent every weekend together all winter and some weeknights. His kids loved me he loved me we were all in. He is my best friend I'm his. We tell each other every thing. He says he's never felt this way about anyone. He says he's never been with anyone he hasn't been able to just let go and walk away from. Yet he can't commit, he's not wholehearted. He was married when they got divorced he had hatred for her and didn't care that it was over. He was in another 5 year relationship after that and when she left he said he felt relieved. Since he's been having commitment issues we still talk every day about everything. He's very open, he has started seeking help from a counselor due to having anxiety attacks about him and I. In one of our conversation together he says I'm either the devil or his saving grace, he says I have a spell over him and all he thinks about is me and us. 

He's taking the time to get help, in this time we are not a couple we still talk every day we still see each other but not like we use to. It has been an emotional rollercoaster coaster for both of us, when he is having anxiety about our future I know it before he even tells me. I love this man in a way I've never loved anyone. Am I right to support him in his struggles? He says he's never faced anxiety like this in his life. He really is a great man but he's broken. Advise please??

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