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I want to share with the ladies on here. For 17 years I've had absolute severe bleeding issues. The doctors didnt believe me theyd say there no way you bleed like that youd be dead. And the thing is I'd bleed so much I'd go down and I'd sleep til my body recovered. They want to do birth control and IUD. The thing is the birth control sent in 4 weeks my hemoglobin going from a 8.5 to a 6.5. A womans hemoglobin suppose to run a 14 to 16. That's how critical I ran for years. 

At one point I went to a er and they sent me home and my hemoglobin was a 5.6. When it reaches 8 they are suppose to start blood transfusions. So they sent me home in critical condition. Anyway I found out that estrogen and a dong quail root helped me stop. And as soon as it runs out my system I start up. Anyway so if you have this issue I wanted to share this. No one deserves to live in this kind hell..

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I have been having the same problem for about 5 years now with the same outcome with doctors!! Ive Even brought in a bowl with my blood clots in it to the OBGYN and just like with u they wanted to do an IUD amd BC.. Neither worked and they've pretty much blown it off!! Im so weak during my period i sleep all the time n have horrific cramps!!