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Ok. I have a question and would love some feedback on this. I have a good friend who I love and we are close. She is having really bad marital problem. She is constantly putting it out there on her Facebook account how unhappy she is to be with her husband. How they never have sex and he sleeps in the other room. She constantly posts how she wants to leave. Everyone can see and read it, including her husband and his coworkers, family and friends. I personally don't approve it, but I just stay quiet and try not to get involved and just listen when she vents. So, after she posted those very damaging things about her husband, who is also good friends with me and my husband, well anyway, her husband sent me a private message very upset asking for our help, saying how he loves her and doesn't want to lose her, etc. instead of just telling him I can't get involved and talk to him about it, I gave him advice that he was asking for on what he needs to do to fix his marriage. I felt so bad for them. So in short, I was sticking up for her and had her back. I told him to tell her he loves her and and doesn't want to lose her. Told him to take her away for the weekend, etc. It was like a 4 minute exchange. Well, she read the his Facebook and the conversation because she has his password. So she got pissed of at me for talking to him behind her back. She feels betrayed. I feel like she is being so self absorbed that she doesn't realize I was trying to help. But all she can see is that I was talking about her behind her back. So now she is just being a Bitch to me. I never asked to get involved, but when a friend (her husband) comes to me upset and desperate, I can't just be a bitch and say "Sorry, I can't help you". We have been god friends for a while now. So Was I wrong? Did I over step boundaries? Again, all I did was give him support and give him advice on how to not lose her. I thought I was being a good friend. ‍♀️ Sorry it was so long...just had to explain.

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