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We are strong but we can be stronger with strong prayers from other strong women 

Moved to Florida from CT a year ago by myself- new start- before leaving CT - survived a very scary illness / bacteria infection that took over my body and mind - suffered bad neuro reaction from medication- lost 60 lbs in 7 months- was super scary and very difficult at times- cried myself to sleep a lot but didn't give up-

I have beautiful, strong, supportive friends here..I have been very lucky  
Picked myself back up- my health has improved- have a great new career in the Software As A System field (SaaS Consultant) 
I look & feel better than I have in a very long time-

I am having stomach issues again- having another endoscopy done of my stomach this week which will include a cancer biopsy again.

I thought I was strong before, I really didn't realize till a year ago how STRONG I really am..

Feeling proud & starting to believe in myself like I have never believed in ME before ... 
Please keep me in your prayers these coming weeks for minor finding on tests that are totally treatable..  Thank you ❤️

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