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I caved in last night. I can't take my husbands shit anymore. He has started drinking on the job and comes home reeking of alcohol several times a week. I've thought about putting a call into his place of employment to inform his boss that he previously has two DWi and has been to horizons several times for drug and alcohol counseling. So basically he is an alcoholic and shouldnt be offered alcohol or drink it.I know if he wants to drink nothing is going to stop him but I really don't like how freely available alcohol is at his new job and its affecting me emotionally and mentally. We have a three year old daughter together and he is a great dad to her regardless of our problems but this new job offering alcohol has set our marriage back majorly. I have talked to him and asked him several times to stop drinking on his job but he tries to hide it from me now because he knows I do not approve. Any suggestions? Any negativity or put downs will be reported and blocked I am asking for help here with what I can do.

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