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Much love to anyone going through each of their own troubles.
Others treatment of you is a reflection of their character and never yours.
Each of you are you and noone else. 
Your strength comes from self acceptance and knowing your self worth .
Self love self care and self preservation. To be better placed to be emotionally stronger to help others.
Unity in supporting each other strengthens support. It's a learning curve of finding out who your closest adversaries are. Once found do not let them go 
Strength in numbers .

I am me and noone else .

You are you and noone else.

Embrace each of your own individual uniqueness and identities.

Noone is a clone of another. Be true to your own uniqueness.

"The future is to be made "
"The past has to be laid ( to rest )".

The future lies in from what we do today. The past has passed. Answers may lie there but may never be found. Fear destroys the present. Live for each moment.
Love you All for you being yourselves .

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