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Ladies... no mater how you struggle now. Press through. Life is worth so much more. You re making a difference. Years ago I choose the no marriage and kids path. I choose it because I found I could do more without it. In my journey I mentored girls not knowing I was. Now years later, I can give you a list of at least 25 young ladies that have traveled, gone after their masters degrees, become entertainment leaders in production, acting, dancing and speakers. All the things they saw me doing in their youth. I had a long think about it after getting really frustrated about where my life was going and then one day when preparing for an event. I began writing bios on all the kids that has passed through my theatre camps and had stayed with me all those years. What I learned was I had had an influence on each one of them. They were watching me and becoming fulfilled in their callings and were not ashamed! It was so cool. Back when I was a kid in HS there was a HS teacher that had the same influence on me. I grew up to create a version of me that was like her and it is to her that I give this tribute and encouragement to all. Ladies, live! God has your backs and well, even though it may not seem things are working out in many many cases they are... you must know this and understand staying the course is the best thing you can do for yourself. You never ever know who is watching and how you just may be changing the world by your tenacity and courage to be you! Love to all and God Bless. Lynda Stein

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