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My husband and I don't share a bed. We share a room but don't lay next to each other at night, on account of his nightmares. Example: he punched himself in the face the other day during a nap. Black eye and all. Well I screwed up. I been feeling kinda lonely and down. About 4 this morning he got up to use the restroom. I did something I haven't done in a very long time, I crawled into his bed. He was so angry. I mean pissed. I usually don't like to be touched but I am human and do crave a hug or even a snuggle sometimes. I just went back to my side of the room. I'm in tears. I didn't mean to make him mad I just kinda missed him. It was worth the risk. He wasn't concerned he was mad. Is this how it's gonna be now. Are we just together because we are together. I don't know. Thanks for letting me rant. Have a great day ladies.

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Many couples don't share a bed and you don't for a very good reason.  You're together because you love each other.  You love each other's soul.  He's probably terrified he'll hurt you in his sleep!  Try going in for a snuggle or cuddle when you're both wide awake.  It's easier to deal with than if you're half asleep.