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Can two wrongs ever make a right?the rate at which women are being striped is on the rise and something has to be done about it.A woman catches another woman for sleeping with her husband and striped and dehumanize her, what happends to hers so called irresponsible husband who initiated the act? He is as guilty as the woman!This man broke his marriage vows for crying out loud.what should be done to him?do u know what lies the man must have told the sidechick?the wife who striped and assault a side chick for sleeping with her irresponsible husband that has broken his marriage vows,making a video and posting on social media does she know the chain of event that will follow?lets desist from this trend of dehumanizing our fellow women and deal with our cheating husbands after all most them are the initiator of this act.let's be careful in all we do as women.

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