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Hello ladies. So even though I'm a teenager I've never had a boy friend and I only got facebook just recently. I've never liked admitting when there's a problem but almost as soon as I got fb I got a friend request from a 48 year old guy that I've known personally for years so everything was ok..at first. He has always been polite and friendly to me as long as I've known him. Everything was normal until his conversations started getting more personal. Within about a month, five different people separately told me that he was a perv and not to get too involved with him. A close person to me said that he also talks to about 90 other teenagers on fb. This uncertainty started becoming more certain whenever he would come to the local pool and just watch me and other people swimming. Even though my Dad knew practically nothing about it, when he got wind of me having contact with him, he quickly put a stop to it. Long story short I unfriended him, made sure my dad understood that I did what he said and 'No more problems' ...He started sending me messages again so I told him that I wasn't supposed to be talking to him, so he backed off until valentines day. Then things started getting weird. He started trying to make me feel guilty and always made sure too say something personal or 'romantic' at the end of every text message. As an example he said that he "loves me like a kitten" or after I reminded him that he wasn't supposed to be talking to me he responded "I know sweet stuff" and kept on asking personal questions and sending the sugar talk. So after all the weird conversations, his sexual encounters he told me about I was starting to feel trapped so I asked a friend, and she showed me how to block him. At this point everything seems to be better, I can think straight again, but If I happen to run into him I don't know what he'll try to do. If he finds me or if I bump into him somewhere I dunno what he'll be like. Suggestions please!! (sorry for the long post)

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You need to notify the police for your safety