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So I found out that I metabolize medicine quicker than a "normal" person. I have always had a naturally high tolerance to drugs and tried multiple times to explain this to Doctors through the surgeries when it comes to anesthesia. No one believed me until I stayed awake for a whole colonoscopy, regardless of the continued doses the nurse was pushing into the PIC line. The next one they made sure to put me under general anesthesia.
Also ultra sound does not work on me. I suffered from endometriosis since about 20 but it was never treated because they couldn't see it on the ultrasound. It was finally discovered when they removed my uterus.
The two ectopic pregnancies weren't detectable through ultrasound and were confirmed with emergency surgeries after hemorrhaging. 
My doctor watched me take my medicine in her office and had me come back for a urinalysis the next day. (I took 2 more doses between the first pill and the UA) The results showed up negative! 
I'm RH Negative.
Anyone else experience these or similar things?

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