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In accordance to the post i made real early this morning! Its not that im wanting or thinking of anything harmful! One commented on how some people wear masks kust to hide our pain amd suffering! And when i said IM NOT STRONG ANYMORE i meant that because it because of my health..more physically than emotional! I can say I honestly am one of those people that have to wear a mask everyday to hide my physical extremely painful condition! Alot of time I say im doing good when in fact i struggle just to be able to stand or stand up straight! Nothing can be done about my pain..i have to endure it essentially! But there are times where i honestly dont want to get up because the pain is so intense, it is nerve wracking ! 

Here is my conditions...i have deterioration in my lower spine and in my neck. As well as buldging discs at my L-1 through L-5..and not to mention nerve damage all throughout my entire left side and partial right side which has both my arms and hands numb and feeling like they are on fire and that causes problems with the feeling in both my hands and as of a couple days ago my left arm has been in the worse pain that i have never felt before...so yeah its been such a struggle to stay strong as my health seems to decline.

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