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I was wondering if anyone has any advice or could share any knowledge about sexual harrassment from a Landlord? Its been going on for three years and includes stalking, and using my family and friends to get to me. I have always worked hard as a single mother of three but was never able to own my own home. My children are grown and have started their adult lives. I am now 50 and have a progressive lung disease so the need for a humble home to retire in ,that I can afford and is my own is imperitive. My credit is not substantial enough to qualify for any loans, so owner carry ,rent to own, older ,mobile home, seemed like my only option.I am a waitress at a small town local diner that has alot of older regulars that I have become close to. Over the years sometimes as a favor and sometimes because i needed the extra money, I cleaned houses and did caretaking for customers. The landlord was one of these people, he needed someone to clean once a month and do laundry since his wife passed. Soon after he discovered he had cancer, being 89 years old and living in a differant state than his family he knew he was going to need a live in caretaker, my kids were older teenagers at the time so i said i could help. For a year we battled it and he won.He then decided to move back to CA to be closer to family, which put me out of a place to live, I had reduced my hours at work to accommodate his needs and in return I lived rent free. The Landlord owned several properties and owner financed them. He said he wanted to help me own a home to repay me. He drew up a lease option and it was notorized.Nice story right?... Its been a nightmare...sometimes he just shows up and sits outside in his car...like for hours...always with an excuse. He drove by soo many times that my neighbors started keeping a record of it...I am tired of this constant fear that he is going to do like he has threatened and throw me out when I am sick and have no place to go.He has called my mother and told her he was going to throw me out because I was $6,00.00 behind in the mortgage, this was of course a lie.He has harrassed my boyfreind on the phone , saying he has seen me with other people,and me at work!He's gotten away with manipulation and control all these years since "stalking" was called"courting"! Its time for it to stop...! What do I do? Where do I start?

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