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Just a bit after 10 tonight and I was driving my little drive from town to home...I decided to take a backroad or two...we are mostly new to this town, and most roads have been flooded, but I wanted off the highway. For a reason, or two, or more... the clear night spoke! I cried for those minutes, and I cried hard.... Absorbing the last several months, these last few weeks, and most importantly,..past couple of days. I think I needed a minute of reflection of what’s happening in my life... I needed to cry hard, and yell out the window!!!...but I needed a road where no one could hear me! Those minutes helped me. I know I can’t do and handle all that’s before me right now... And it’s okay to not! As I came around a quiet road, I came upon a little Amish tractor...or Amish cab more or less... A tractor, pulling an old truck bed with a camper top on it. And inside were few families and kids singing and happily being dropped off at their homes and farms...from what I’m assuming has been a long day at work. I refused to pass them, I just wanted to take it in. Now, I don’t necessarily understand all of the Amish ways, but I can understand that a simpler way of times, with community, could be what we need a lot of the times. I smiled through my tears, and thanked God for my trials right now...because he’s the only way I will grow. This group has helped me reflect on myself so much and helped me see I’m not alone... we all have our struggles and we push through. Thank you!

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