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Advice please? 
Im a mother to 3 (boy 8, girl 7, n boy 5) my youngest son's father raised my two older kids before we even had our son together. Him and I were together for about 6 yrs before we spilt last yr. Its been a rough year not only for myself but my babies.. My boys miss him so much n I feel it effects my oldest with school and my youngest son speaks of his dad all the time. Their dad was once a decent man with a high paid job n his kids were his everything even well we were seperated. Their dad now has a new women he has been seeing since last march n within that time he stopped helping with support. The last time he seen our kids was oct. 2018, our son turned 5 in feb, n he didnt even moreless wish our 5yr old a happy birthday.. 
Im asking for advice in what too actually tell my kids to why their dad doesnt come around n when my baby (5) asks "when will dad come pick me up mom"  Since oct 2018 Ive just been telling my kids there dad is working but I feel that excuse is wearing out. 
(I wish my kids were able to see and understand how much I love them and how hard I work to provide n give them what I can.. It was such a struggle for myself to bounce back n gain my ind├ępendance after being with a man for so long n relying on him). 

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