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Hello everyone! 
I just need to vent for a minute. Beginning of 2018 I battled thyroid cancer and won!!  My fiancé was by my side every step of the way! ❤️ In August of 2018 my ex husband, father of my 21 year old daughter passed away.  we had been divorced since 2003. 
October 18, 2018 my fiancé took his own life. GSW looking me
In the eyes about an inch from my face.  talk about some PTSD happening! 
Last Monday, May 28th my only sister died in a roll over car accident. Her 18 year old son was in the car. They were on their way to his graduation. 
Myself and my family have had a year from hell! I’m just lost and feeling very, very defeated at the moment! 
People say “You are the strongest woman we know, you inspire us!” 
Well.....I don’t feel strong some days! But, I’m still functioning so I guess that’s something!  
Thanks for listening and God bless everyone! 
I have to go lay my sister to rest now. 

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