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Strong women don’t run when relationships become challenging. They open their mind, communicate, listen, make sacrifices, ask for what they need (bc men can be emotionally stupid af)...so many here hit the hills if the man won’t clean the kitchen or fold laundry. Seriously? Because why? Your vagina isn’t being respected? Because he has no idea what you’ve been through all day? 

I was recently told I have a 1950’s mindset. Let me tell you, the ‘50’s wives who knew how to handle a man were treated like queens of the Nile. No kidding, especially after we got past the whole male/female communication barrier!!

Enjoy your husbands, you married them for a reason if they fuck up, as we all are known to do. Give him the respect you want, communicate honesty, don’t cry! Leaving without an effort to reconcile is weakness.

If he doesn’t speak nice, suck it up, men are ass hats when they get riled. Don’t like it? Shouldn’t have married the type that would die protecting his family.

Thanks for letting me rant

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