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Good evening ladies ! 
•I’ve been seeing that a lot of us in this group are having so many internal struggles. Whether it be with men, being a single mom, anxiety, grief, depression, whatever ! The bottom line is regardless of what it is we are all tired in our own story! Life is so HARD and everyone has their own pain and journey. One persons struggle may seem silly to another person, but we can not judge each other’s journey. Instead PLEASE let’s try to encourage each other. You WILL overcome the pain, grief, exhaustion etc. It hurts and is discouraging right now but like my pastor said yesterday do not give in to the vulnerabilities of your mind when you are TIRED AND DOWN! Ladies these experiences will make you so much stronger and you will come out on top! It is the decade of female empowerment. This needs to come from each other !!! Let’s not do to each other what so many men and people have done to us. I love y’all have a blessed day ❤️

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I wear my heart on my sleeve and everyone let's me know how kind and caring I am yet I am a single divorced mom of 5 children.  Have been going on 6 years now.  When I do meet someone, they end up saying they Love Me & Care for me and end up disappearing on me without any closure.  It hurts and is very painful.  Why is this?  Do I chase them away?  Do they get disinterested?  I am through with the baby stages with my children and give it my all when I do get the chance to have a relationship.  I just don't get the same in return.  I have never felt this low in my life before.  I just don't know what to do.  I have no family either. It is just the kids and I.  Please help guide me.