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Hey there ! So first post here and it’s about goals or your bucket list ! What are your goals ? I have a bucket list so to speak of things I want to do and places I want to go . I started in my early twenties on it and have done a bit but it just keeps growing . I am taking a personal finance course and it talks about your “5 year plan” but it does make me think . Where do I want to be . I am married and have a good job and just started my own business 5 months ago and it’s going crazy busy! Plus, I am going back to college on top of all that . I just want to empower women to do what they desire and it IS possible . I had felt depressed and stuck at one point in my life and then all of a sudden I just woke up and said to heck with this, and made a change . And I was so nervous to quit my job and try new things I thought I would puke  but I didn’t and it gives you a certain feeling and now I don’t feel scared anymore . Any who thought I would share 

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