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I Broke up with my ex 3 years ago he gone away for two yeas now come back and wanted me to move in with he.I am in a open relationship for about two years now..I don't know what to do he was wrong ..he now realize he was wrong to me by forcing to put me out of the house that we build together crash the car we had take must of the money from the account leave me with our two kids for two long years with no support..now come back need his family to go back to his house giving me all the support I need with the kids calling me everyday he wanted to visited his kids..I don't know what to do ..I know ppl do make mistake.. My open relationship he has two kids too they r more smaller than mines but he r so loving n caring my kids love he a lot and his kids love me he have a nice job..the question is what must I do with my ex my children's father..

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