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Sorry I have to vent.... Last summer I had left a domestic situation last year give temporary custody to his sister for four my young children. our agreement was that once I found a place on my own she would give me the kids back. I have to fight her for them because she doesn't want to give them back.

Fast forward I went back to him in October with the promise that we were going to rebuild and work on everything in our lives.

I was pregnant and we were going to fix this. In January I gave birth to my stillborn daughter. he blames himself and I blame him because of all the stress he was putting me through and always accusing me of cheating

I just recently found out that after us being together 11 years...last fall he started up with his ex wife and she is now pregnant and 22 weeks...I should be almost 30 weeks. I thought we were rebuilding our relationship and our family and this is what he does I want to find out and I calmly confronted him he turned it around on me and it's all my fault.

I'm leaving today but I'm so heartbroken and hurt. I wanted this baby, I felt her kicking me I felt her moving me I knew it was a girl I named her and yet I can't and because of the complications I can never have kids again.
Meanwhile this woman gets her baby, and is flaunting it all over.....

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