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I am going to be 31 Sunday n thinking back on my life n thinking I'm surprised where I am at right now, from growing up with an alcoholic mom who never stayed in one city long so I never had security n being physically n sexually abused by strangers n family n family friends, never making close friends and being bullied til high school and having a different dad than my sibs so I was treated differently, everyone wanted them around n not me, so I massively hate myself but all the while I took care of my mom n sibs and any kid any of my family's alcoholic friends brought around n adopting 2 of them, became a foster parent n raising a nephew n helped other foster kids, I've helped raise tons of kids in my life, n helped tons of family n family friends find jobs played taxi n have given alot rides to food banks n grocery shopping n to Dr appts n any time I could help and letting ppl stay in my home when homeless, always helping others n fighting my own depression n anxiety n PTSD, OCD, n still took care of my mother til she died June 2017, n today I am pregnant, have my own home for 7 yrs, my own vehicle, my kids r doing great in school n at home, r well adjusted considering they r from troubled homes when I got them n had tons of medical problems, they r very healthy now my daughter even healed from epilepsy from a head injury her birth mother gave her, my nephew is adhd, bipolar, has ptsd , I still battle depression n anxiety n PTSD everyday but my OCD is under control n I have a decent man for almost two yrs now, who's not married or have a gf, I have all his passwords he has mine, ive never done drugs, i don't drink, just spending my life helping others, hopefully this makes sense it's too long to proofread on my phone

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