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Just wanted to share a little of my life journey with you. 6 years ago I found out my husband of nearly 36 years was having an online affair with a girl in the Philippines ( she’s only 2 years older than our daughter). I immediately kicked him out of the bedroom and he got a travel trailer and put in our backyard. This was done to be sure I would be ok on my own as I will explain later. . Our divorce was finalized a year later. Over the past five years instead of feeling sorry for myself with God’s help I have created a life for myself. I have cruised around Italy, been to Mexico, the Bahamas, and the Panama Canal on cruises. This summer I’m whitewater rafting down the Colorado river with my grandson. Ladies I’m also in a wheelchair and have been since I was 13 years old. I’m now 59. Life goes on after divorce. You can make a life for yourself if you really want to. I’m strong. I can do anything I want to and so can you.

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