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So  I broke up with my ex over 3yrs ago after a 11year relationship he cheated and I found out he had another woman for the last 3years of our relationship! It was a SHOCK! we have a daughter soon to be 9 and and I have recently decided to open my self to a new beginning and have been dating a really special man for one year now. He hasn't met my daughter as this is a big step and I was waiting a while so we can both get to know one another but the way things are going could see a beautiful future together and would eventually like him to meet her! I informed my ex I was now in a relationship two weeks ago and with his blessing in the future (I'm not talking around the corner) I see it progressing into him meeting the biggest part of my heart, our daughter. My ex seemed a little overwhelmed but said if I was happy he wouldn't step in the way just make sure I am 100% sure it's the right idea and he is the one. last night he was dropping our daughter home and everything flipped,, he asked to have a word with me and said after thinking about it NO he never wants another man around our daughter and he will do everything in his power for this not to happen.. He will cause fire and said I can have relationship but our daughter is never allowed to meet this man. I have dealt with aggressive behaviour from him before and realise I was with a narcacist.. People laugh at me like I am tip toeing around him but he can be the worst character. Do I put my life on hold I am crushed and don't know what to do 

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Get a lawyer he can’t threaten you like this

You are allowed to have a life away from this control freak

Wishing you well in your new relationship you deserve happiness