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I noticed that posts of a defeated nature is typically not appreciated,because the name of the group is strong women. Sometimes those women with their sad posts turn to this group in hopes that the stronger women can help strengthen them. A woman of strength wasn’t always that way in the beginning,she had to climb through the challenges thrown at her making the best of every situation. Some take longer than others and I feel that despite where any woman may be in her life that we should always extend kindness and empathetically offer advice based on our life experiences. There are certainly moments where it’s difficult not to want to shake a person into understanding, responding harshly doesn’t make you strong. At all. I’m a women’s woman till the day I die,I’m strength,weakness,laughter,sadness,foolish,wise and above all a woman. A strong woman who loves my sisters with the utmost compassion. May you all stay blessed and in you haven’t been told yet...you’re loved! 
A poem for all the strong women and to women trying their hardest to be one. One love and god bless!

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