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I have been hospitalized 5 times for A fib and irregular heartbeat. They ran tons of tests and I am 58 but the say I have an amazingly healthy heart and the arteries of a teenager. I laughed when they asked about my lifestyle and eating habits. They said to take an aspirin a day and then see me in six months. They couldn't see why this is happening. 
This last time it was far worse. I was admitted to the hospital with a heart rate of 179 and a BP of 238 /123. After 24 hours the got my heart rate down to120. But it still was unstable, yo-yoing up &down. 
Then all of a sudden it hit bottom. 48 BPM and 70/40 BP. Finally they came in and told me that they believe I have Graves Disease. 
I'm at home after 11 days inpatient but still going up & down not quite as bad. Just saw the endocrinologist and he said, "well are you ready to schedule your ablation?" I said, "what ablation of my heart?" He said, "no of your thyroid. We will burn your thyroid it kills it."
Do any of you ladies know about Graves disease?

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